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The band features five members each bringing their own expertise to each song. Three of the members are multi instrumental giving The Bourbon Brothers Band the ability to create a sound only possible with much larger bands.

Patty Petersen is the newest member of The Bourbon Brothers Band and lead singer. Patty comes from four generations of musicians and was raised singing many different genres of music starting in bluegrass, folk, and country. She has fronted her own bands in the past and most recently was the co-founder of the Santa Cruz high energy, dance band, "The Room Shakers" She currently sings classic rock, and any blues with attitude and energy. 

John Lubell wears many hats for the band sharing responsibilities on vocals and guitar, and as our keyboard and harmonica player.  John has over 30 years experience studying and playing music, and really enjoys working with the band to find just the right music.  John previously played in South County Original as the keyboard player.

Bill Mezzell has been playing music for decades and is also involved in another project,  a Beatles cover band called The Pepperlanders. Bill also sings lead and vocal harmonies on many songs, plays guitar and is just as experienced on bass. Bill brings a passion and wealth of knowledge of different musical styles to the band.

Phil Crowley is the bass player for the band but is also an experienced guitar player and plays lead guitar on a number of the bands driving rock songs. He has an electronic engineering background and has been key in developing the band’s sound.

Rick Webb is a solid, experienced drummer who brings his lifelong passion for music to the band. Rick has been instrumental in shaping the sound of the band by providing a solid back beat.

The Band would also like to acknowledge the contribution of our talented young sound engineer Olav Tabatabai. Olav has been critical in making sure the sound does not overpower the venue the band is playing.